Fairview Elementary: Fairview Oregon

In the summer of 2017, Skanska contracted Munitor for site work on Fairview Elementary School in Fairview, Oregon, including the removal of the original 32,000 sq ft school building, the installation of the new storm drain/sewer system and complete structural excavation for the new building. The contract also call for erosion control and grading for the entire site. During the project, Munitor was additionally tasked with the breaking and removal of large subterranean boulders to make way for the extensive storm drain system as well as the supply and installation of a manhole on Depot St.


Poorman Mine Closure: Baker City, Oregon

Munitor was contracted by Cascade Earth Sciences for the final clean up of the Poorman Mine in Baker City, Oregon. This project included several tasks including the construction of a 7.5 acre RCRA Landfill (25,000 CY excavation for construction),  the excavation, hauling, drying, final placement and compaction of 88,000 CY of mine tailings, final cap with geotextiles (approximately 38,000 cy soil cap), construction 1,500' of new stream channel, mine shaft closures, adit closures and vegetation of entire site. The project was completed one time with the added restrictions of ancient artifacts found on site during the excavation activities. Multiple tasks where added to the contract to complete this site closure that required the project remain on schedule. 


Cornucopia Mine Closure: Halfway, Oregon

Cornucopia was one of Oregon's largest gold mines. With thousands of yard of tailings nearing a local creek the US Forest Service contract Cascade Earth Sciences (CES) and Munitor to design and build an impoundment onsite. CES performed the engineering and design work while Munitor completed all the excavation and construction. The project entailed the placement of over 12,000 cy of tailings, finish grading of 4.5 acres, removal of wooden culvert, construction of erosion channel with 700 cy of rip rap, and revegetation of site. The work was completed one week ahead of schedule with the addition of tasks including additional brush hauling and placement.


Port of Tacoma Landfill Removal: Tacoma WAshington

Munitor Construction LLC was contracted by the Port of Tacoma with PSC for the removal of 135,000 tons of garbage, construction of 13 acre wetland, construction of new Corp of Engineer Levee with breach of old levee and dewatering excavation below sea level. Construction started with the clearing of 22 acres of trees and brush all removed from the site. This was completed in eight working days with the brush hauled off site for disposal. Excavation activities began with the stripping of 25,000 tons of garbage. An additional 100,000 cy of soil was removed and stockpiled or used in levee construction for the project that totalled over 3,000 linear feet. When the project was completed, 13 acres of wetlands were shaped and finish-graded with new topsoil on the surface and completely vegetated. The finished site also includes seeding, vegetation, rip rap, armoring and new guardrails on the levees. 


Solarworld industries - plant closure: Vancouver, Washington

Munitor was contracted by SolarWorld to complete the decontamination of all process lines and complete the interior demolition of their 60,000 sf facility. This project included the decontamination of hydrogen fluoride process lines with several other chemicals. All liquids were collected, profiled and properly disposed of. Demolition activities for this project included an array of tasks such as hand interior demolition, heavy equipment interior demolition, exterior hand demolition and heavy equipment demolition. The building is a concrete tilt up design and required the demolition of added concrete tilt up walls without any damage to the original building. Munitor performed finished grading on the exterior of the parking lot in preparation for new asphalt. Munitor also performed the new 3" asphalt paving for the restoration. New store fronts and interior partition walls were all constructed with in house staff. These tenant restoration items completed SolarWorld's obligations for rent.